Surrey Financial Advisors offer independent financial advice to both private individuals and business who would like to make better financial decisions with the help of an experienced professional. Our Advisors will help you to build, manage, and protect your wealth by creating a bespoke package. We begin by establishing your position and understanding your financial objectives in both the short and long term. This information is used to create a bespoke plan that is tailored to your needs, aspirations, and lifestyle.

Whether you are just starting your career and buying your first home, or you have accumulated wealth and want to ensure that it provides for the next generation as well, we can help but offering advice, suggesting products, and ensuring that your current and future finances are well managed. We put together full financial plans based on your circumstances to see where you are today and help you take each step until you reach your goals. A clear roadmap is an essential step in taking control of your wealth.

Personal Financial Advisors

Even the most accomplished individuals often have no financial training or education, which means they can experienced difficulties when it comes to making sound financial decisions, whether they are planning to grow, manage, or protect their wealth. We offer personal financial advice for people at every stage of their lives, from buying their first home through to planning retirement and mitigating inheritance tax liabilities.

While you are busy living your life, your money could be working for you to improve your stability and secure a better future. You may need a financial product that offers a better return or lower interest rate, or even to invest your earnings to benefit from good returns and compound interest. The complexity of financial products can make it difficult to take the right action and truly make the most of your existing wealth or borrow intelligently. Making a poor decision can be even worse than doing nothing at all.

Our team can help you make better financial decisions now, and in the future. We aim to create long-term relationships so that we can support you at every stage of your life, with every major financial decision.

Services include:

  • Financial planning – to help you take control of your future and ensure that it is just how you envision it to be
  • Protection – to maintain your wealth in the long term and even from generation to generation
  • Mortgages – to help you find the best financial product available for you
  • Pensions – to provide an income when you are ready to slow down
  • Investment planning – to make your money work for you, and not the other way around
  • Tax and trusts – to meet your tax obligations while maintaining your earnings and assets
  • Equity release – to use or reinvest the equity from your home or properties
  • Long term care planning – to ease any financial burdens on your loved ones if you require long-term care
  • Education planning – to provide for your family’s educational future
  • Divorce settlements – to equitably divide assets and earnings if you and your partner split

Contact us today to start planning your bespoke financial solution and take control of your wealth. We can even help if you do not have a clear grasp of your finances and need to ‘untangle’ any issues – we will sort through your paperwork to find out what products and policies are already in place before looking for ways to save you money and protect your financial health. If you already know what products and policies you would like to put in place, we can work on your behalf to set up pensions, arrange the best savings rates, set up life assurance or income protection, help you find the best annuity, or even set up trusts to reduce your inheritance tax liabilities.

Business Financial Advisors

Your business is your life and it should also be your future. If like many business owners, your obligations mean that you have to take on many roles (leader, manager, HR, strategist, accountant), let us help you with the most important financial decisions you make for both your business and your own personal wealth. We work with business owners to help them plan for their business’ future, find the right products for financial growth, and to ensure that their business is truly a legacy that can be carried from this generation into the next.

Planning for the unexpected can be a minefield – can your business cope with the loss of a key person? Have you made the appropriate arrangements for employee pensions? Have you arranged for adequate protections for your shareholders? Do you have a company will in place? Will your company finances allow you to achieve the vision you had for it when you first created the business? The complexity of these questions and the possible solutions can add yet more stress to a business owner’s life, but they do not have to. We can help you make intelligent financial decisions for your business, its employees, and its future.

Our team can help you with:

  • Business financial planning
  • Corporate wills
  • Business protection
  • Workplace pensions
  • Strategies for going public

Make sure that your business will provide for you and your family in the future by making intelligent financial decisions today.

Retiring Early and Other Plans

Many of our clients come to us with questions or specific financial goals they would like to achieve – early retirement is one of the most popular aims for many of our clients and people throughout Britain. If you have a specific aim, we will find the best way to achieve it both realistically and as quickly as possible.

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